Custom Lux: Citation Longitude Inspires Personalized Design

When Textron Aviation unveiled the Citation Longitude, the business jet marked the aircraft manufacturer’s official entry into the super-midsize jet segment. Already renowned for its lineup of Citation aircraft, Textron Aviation saw an opportunity to deliver its signature combination of comfort and style to a new market.

And for Longitude customers personalized, custom design is showcased front and center. “With the Longitude, we’re seeing more requests for custom cabins than ever before,” said Christi Tannahill, Textron Aviation’s senior vice president of interior design and engineering.

To bring ideas to life and augment other aircraft features that elevate style and comfort such as standard Wi-Fi, fully lie-flat seats and the lowest cabin sound levels in the super-midsize class Tannahill’s team begins by partnering with the customer.

“We start with a conversation to understand how they’ll use the aircraft,” she said. “Then, we discuss everything from personal preferences, to tastes and interests.”

The team addresses every interior specification request. For many customers, personal touches arrive in the form of unique cabin layouts, exotic wood veneers and special fabrics. Most recently, the team designed a set of custom embossed seats upholstered in gold Alcantara and crafted a one-of-a-kind leather blanket for a pet-friendly aircraft cabin.

“When you’re in an aircraft for an extended period, you want it to feel like the places where you’re most comfortable and productive. It’s your sanctuary in the sky,” said Tannahill.

In addition to custom work, Textron Aviation developed six standard Longitude interior schemes featuring an array of materials and leathers. This option is available to meet the needs of customers who wish to expedite the interior selection process or forego customization.

The Citation Longitude can fly nonstop from New York City to London-Farnborough. For an aircraft engineered for longer journeys, luxury is defined by bespoke design as well as superior passenger comfort, Tannahill said.

“When you’re in an aircraft for an extended period, you want it to feel like the places where you’re most comfortable and productive. It’s your sanctuary in the sky,” Tannahill said.

Tannahill’s team designs every Longitude cabin in partnership with the in-house Textron Aviation interior manufacturing facility that brings elements of their designs to life. Furniture such as tables, galleys and vanities are all crafted at the facility and installed during production.

“When designers and manufacturers work together, you elevate quality of the final product,” Tannahill said. “That’s what our customers are looking for.”

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