Take Your Culinary Creations to the Next Level

Thermador, the iconic American luxury home appliance brand, delivers the largest lineup of ranges in its history with the introduction of the new Pro Ranges collection. Engineered to suit both large and compact kitchens, the new collection features two lines: Pro Harmony® and Pro Grand®, boasting 30”, 36”, 48” and 60” sizes. With more configuration options than ever before and industry-exclusive features, the new collection of ranges from Thermador offers unparalleled personalization and performance. Completely re-designed, the new collection boasts milled stainless steel, the option for all-new metallic blue knobs, a bull-nose front and a color TFT display on select models.

“As a leader in innovation, design and performance, Thermador enables luxury consumers to take their chef-inspired creations to the next level,” said Beatriz Sandoval, Director of Brand Marketing for Thermador. “We are excited to continue that elevated culinary experience in our range collection by equipping select models with the Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect. Through the app, consumers connect with exclusive content, unique partnerships and customized product guidance that truly enhances their entertaining journey.”

Pro Grand® Range

For those with culinary ambitions as great as their bold style, Thermador introduces the Pro Grand® Range. Taking customization to the next level, select Pro Grand® Range sizes combine Pedestal Star® Burners with a griddle, a grill, or the all-new Liberty™ Induction Module. Allowing meticulous precision, the Liberty™ Induction Module features two induction zones for added flexibility and HeatShift™ technology, which automatically adjusts the heat when a pot or pan is moved from one zone to another.

Available in 36”, 48” and 60” models, the collection boasts steam and convection combination options, a commercial-depth oven to accommodate caterers’ sheet pans and a new glass door and bright lighting for improved visibility. Additional new features include the Multi-Point Meat Probe, which allows for temperature readings from multiple points for consistency, and distinct cooking options such as the ExtraLow® simmering technology—all combined into one powerhouse appliance.

Pro Harmony® Range

Redesigned with a bold new look, counter-depth Thermador Pro Harmony® ranges are a perfect addition to compact kitchens with fixed space for appliances. Available in 30”, 36” or 48” sizes, with a truly flush design that blends into the surrounding cabinetry, Pro Harmony® Ranges offer powerful elegance and customizable configuration options including one-of-a-kind Star® Burners with either a griddle or grill. Features such as the ExtraLow® function provides a wide range of temperature control, while the QuickClean Base® ensures cleanup is made easy with a raised pedestal burner and porcelain maintop.

Additionally, the Pro Harmony® Ranges deliver the ultimate in luxury performance. In a 30” design, the powerful burners fire up to a total of 59,000 BTUs yet only require 300 CFM venting. The Pro Harmony® Ranges also have single fan convection technology, which keeps the temperature consistent throughout the cavity and allows for multi-rack cooking – ensuring controlled airflow patterns optimize the transfer of heat so food is heated evenly. Exuding industry-leading design, the Pro Harmony® Ranges deliver an unparalleled cooking experience.

The Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect

The Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect™ is available within the oven of the 36”, 48” and 60” Pro Grand® Ranges as well as the 36” and 48” Pro Harmony® Ranges. With the Home Connect™ app, consumers can experience the full connected kitchen through recipe integration, curated content from Thermador and its trusted partners, as well as a robust portfolio of connected partnerships in its ecosystem.

With features such as Remote Start, mobile notifications, and access to user manuals, the Thermador Connected Experience empowers users to get the most out of their Thermador appliance.

Enabled via the mobile Home Connect™ app, the cooking experience is personalized with recipe suggestions, how-to information and videos, smart tools and expert knowledge that helps cooks reach their culinary goals. In addition to enabling user control of the appliances through the Home Connect™ app, tips and tricks, remote diagnostics and access to customer care deliver the ultimate consumer experience.

For more information, please visit www.thermador.com.