New LG Double Ovens Inspired by Consumer Needs and Combined with Cutting-Edge Innovations

LG Electronics USA recently expanded its portfolio of Wi-Fi enabled kitchen appliances with LG’s first-ever smart combination double wall ovens that offer cooking speeds up to four times faster than conventional ovens.* Rolling out at retail stores nationwide, LG’s new combination wall ovens (models LWC3063BD and LWC3063ST) combine speed with the ultimate in cooking flexibility and convenience.

The upper LG TurboCook™ Speed Oven enables users to skip preheating thanks to nearly instantaneous LG Infrared Heating™ technology. This 2-in-1 convection-microwave produces oven-quality results two to four times faster than a conventional oven.* The lower LG True Convection Oven delivers precise heat for evenly-cooked, delicious food when baking or roasting.

With LG smart technology, users can control key oven features from anywhere, at any time. The new double ovens integrate with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant for easy voice control and with smart meal plan, and meal plan and recipe services Innit® and SideChef to help create perfect meals at home.

“LG smart kitchen appliances are inspired first by consumer needs and behaviors and are then combined with years of research and cutting-edge innovations,” says David VanderWaal, senior vice president of marketing, LG Electronics USA. “Our approach enables us to consistently deliver meaningful, award-winning advances that make consumer’s lives easier and more enjoyable. LG’s new combination double wall ovens are perfect examples, designed to deliver more cooking power, flexibility and convenience.”

Cut Cook Time in Half

With the upper 1.7-cubic-foot LG TurboCook Speed Oven, consumers will experience the hustle of a microwave oven with the quality expected from a convection oven. With cooking times two to four times faster than a traditional oven, consumers can bake whole chickens, potatoes, pizzas and more with no preheating required, allowing more time to enjoy the perfectly cooked meal. This top oven packs quite a punch, thanks to the LG Infrared Heating system. The infrared heating element helps lock in juices while cutting up to 20 percent off cooking time**— with no preheating required.

Cook with Confidence

The LG Combination Wall Oven experience doesn’t stop there. The lower 4.7-cubic-foot LG True Convection oven delivers precise heat, so food is delicious on the inside and crisp on the outside. With the added convenience of steam cooking, consumers can bring one of the healthiest cooking techniques to their kitchen. The steam cooking feature evenly distributes moisture and pairs perfectly with the true convection system for food that’s golden outside and tender inside. Its refillable water reservoir doesn’t require plumbing, making installation and maintenance easier.

The Industry’s Only 10-Minute Oven Cleaning Cycle Technology

The new built-in double wall ovens feature LG EasyClean® technology that delivers the industry’s fastest oven-cleaning technology – the only 10-minute cycle on the market – in three easy steps, without strong chemical fumes or high heat. *** Simply spray the oven interior with water, select the LG EasyClean function and then in 10 minutes, quickly wipe away any leftover grime. Consumers can still use the traditional self-clean cycle for the occasional deep clean.

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*Based on comparison between LG’s Combination speed oven vs. LG’s conventional wall oven.

**Compared to LG’s non-infrared heating ovens using chicken breasts, hamburgers, and salmon.

***Among major leading appliance brands as surveyed in June 2017. Heavy build-up may require additional manual effort or use of the full self-clean feature.